NNB Foundation is a NGO of National Level. We do not take any money from Govt or any Individual. The NGO was run and managed by NNB group. All expenses carried out by NNB group only. A fix amount of annual income transferred to the NNB foundation. And these money invested completely in the social and economic growth of people in our society. NNB Foundation tried to help poor people to stand by themselves and do earning on regular basis by using their skills. We develop the skills and using those skill , create job work for the person so that he can do earning by himself. If someone skill needed raw material for producing or designing anything, then we provide them the raw material , and we purchase the finish products from them. Even we do promote them in digital world. And sale those finish products online. As NGO , we do many other charitable works, like Blood donation camp, food for poor program, taking care of Animals, guiding propel to avoid drugs, etc…

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