we provide

  • Music production
  • Movie Production
  • Film Distribution
  • Marketing – Digital

In today world, the entertainment industry has come up with many fold growth and easy to reach audience through various digital mediums. Now the transmission medium has changed a lot. Now digital world had taken over completely on entertainment sector. We at NIVTANI , take care of all the things. We are focused into the regional movies and songs and bringing them to mainstream lime light, as the new talents can be benefited. There are many Big brands who are doing big movies. But we focus on talent of regional sector, and regional folk music. We have Hariyani, Bhijpuri, Maitheli, Badehi, Sambalpuri, Rajasthani, Bhopali, Himachali, Kashmiri, Pahadi, Kumauni, many more. So we tried to give a platform of all the languages of India and give then a respect and use them in out Film industry.

Apart from this we do connect with local Folk singers and tried to make them famous in this world so that they can get name and fame and financial support in this entertainment world. We help the big Brands, to promote their movies in Digital world. We are into Film distribution.

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