Corporate Intelligence services

Corporate Intelligence services provided by NNB Services since 2002. Till now we provided services almost all segment of the business world. And saved many companies from long run financial and reputational loss. We served to almost all Top corporate houses in India, more than 300+ Law farms & advocates, Audit farms, Law enforcement agencies, HNI Etc.. We provide service in all India & all world. We maintain 100% secrecy of the client data.

Business houses always depend on few major important facts for their survival and success are Employees, Competitors and investments etc… NNB services to the corporate sector include getting a complete check on various companies. Before making an investment decision, we can provide you with the financial information, licensing, names of corporate officers, credit ratings and essential facts on a corporation, which may make the difference between success and failure in your investment or business commitments. Corporate Investigations include a gamut of services related to both Employees and Competitors and have become intrinsic for all business, be it big or small and local or global. NNB conducts investigations for corporates who suspect employee embezzlement, internal theft or who are victims of Business fraud. We also conduct background and due diligence search on corporate officers, executives and employees to ensure their integrity.

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