QUALITY :- Vis-avis our approach to business

Our methodology aims to provide best of the quality output and we follow certain quality control measures to ensure satisfaction to our clients.

Step 1. Project Manager receives the required information, assesses the feasibility to allocate the job along with the cost analysis and deadlines. He/She examine the text to identify the required tools, before assigning the project to the translator. He/She is responsible to oversee each stage in translation process.

Step 2. Translator with the relevant expertise in the specific industry holds the responsibility of following the instructions and translating the project assigned.

Step 3. Proofreader is assigned to review, check the accuracy and consistency of the terminology used in the translation.

Step 4. Project Manager reviews the final translation to check the compliance as per client requirements and delivers the project.

We also provide after care service to ensure client feedback on all our work..