Securing Private Safety of Its Clients Vis-à-vis the Safety of Public at large. With the increasing complexities in social life, the contemporary society is more prone to modern crimes, whereas the conventional crimes still gains ground in the global arena. White-collar crimes have been all the more predominant in almost all the sectors nowadays. Crimes like cheating and impersonation have become a common crime nowadays in the corporate world, besides the other conventional and white-collar crimes being still in vogue.

NNB has always strived to successfully prove before competent judicial forums, commission of such commercial offences vis-a -vis has ensured appropriate treatment to the offenders. Cheating has many facets. With the advent of the new conception by the Supreme Court of India, of Financial and Commercial Cheatings, nowadays, the civil cloak of the financial and commercial transactional defaults have truly been shed off and the courts have started recognizing the elements of cheating involved in such cases. NNB always strives to bring such offences to justice and provides utmost support to its corporate clients in effectively prosecuting their defaulters.


Dexterity on a chessboard NNB has been keen on reputation of handling typical and complicated civil disputes dexterously at the utmost advantage of its clients. Thanks to its dedicated professional legal associates who have always put their best to workout and procure the most difficult relief for its clients.

NNB has always been cogitative and calculative in strategizing various moves of its clients on the chessboard of civil litigation, keeping in view the best interest of its clients in terms of expeditious adjudication of litigations and most practicable solution possible. Among other civil laws, NNB has had the opportunity and proved its potential, dealing matters under the following laws of Indian & International Legislations; General Civil Laws, Laws pertaining to equal protection and equal rights, property Laws, Laws of succession and inheritance, probate and wills as well as the personal laws.

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