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NNB Asset Reconstruction Established in year 2006. NNB , is one of the India’s leading service providers in the Field of Assets Reconstruction, Debt Management, Technical Consultancy and Legal Services etc. NNB Asset Reconstruction is part of the of NNB Group. Our business will add to NNB’s existing global portfolio of services that specialise in Recovery of bad debts and Legal consultancy, including the exploitation of and investment, right approach to business system with correct legal procedure.

“NNB” incorporated with an innovative concept looking into the exacting needs of the contemporary corporate world, amidst the fast changing corporate scenario and the growing commercial complications, increasing debt accounts with corporate, financial institution and individuals.

To provide the most appropriate and viable solution to the mounting corporate legal convolutions, keeping in view the flexible socio-economic contour of India and procedural approach of its legal system.


NNB Asset Reconstruction popularly known as “NNB” is an Indian Company backed by associates from big Indian corporate houses. “NNB” is one of the leading end-to-end (EoE) business solution provider, focused on helping/ assisting clients increase profits through the revitalization of their entire business process software and infrastructure configuration in a secure environment with specialized skills in asset reconstruction, debt resolution and legal assistance.

Quality services, systems and products in the field of Non Performing Assets servicing and management.

The “NNB” team comprises a group of professional business architects with truly diverse experience, who create and support innovative business and IT Solutions.
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Address: F-58, Basement, Kalkaji
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Telephone: +91 11 41616655
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